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Fantastic Guarantee!
A 163 ticket wheel guarantees a 3 match (1-49)
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Our Plan 16 is an advanced lottery number wheeling system which has been designed to considerably improve your chances of winning a 6 from 49 lottery draw. With its uniquely designed dice and thoroughly researched mathematical number patterns
it will increase the likelyhood of you winning a lottery prize. In many cases this could include multiple prizes as well as the Jackpot!

The plan can be used on all common 6 from 49 lottery draws. Our research shows that the numbers most often drawn in lotteries are spread over the whole range of available numbers. Plan 16 uses a set of 10 unique dice which we have designed to ensure that this natural spread is trapped to give a high percentage of correct numbers.

Each face of the dice has two numbers and eight dice are rolled to give the 16 numbers. You can choose which 8 of the 10 dice to use or let the system choose 8 at random for you.

If you wished, you could cover all combinations of the 16 numbers but to do that you would have to buy over 8000 tickets. So the 16 numbers are processed through the Plan 16 ticket combinations formula and grouped into a more reasonable 40 sets of ticket numbers. You can choose which of these to place on your local lottery draw or pick your own from the 16 numbers.

This scientifically selected list of 40 tickets is calculated from a complex set of mathematical rules based on months of research of many lotteries worldwide. This means you get better ticket combinations than with a purely random set of numbers,
so increasing your chances of matching winning draws. You can play any or all of these 40 suggested combinations, the choice is yours. But remember if you choose more than one, your chances of winning will be improved further.


How to Play

  1. Choose 8 of the 10 dice you want to use by ticking the boxes (or select Random).
  2. Click 'PLAY'!


Dice 1
Dice 2
Dice 3
Dice 4
Dice 5
Dice 6
Dice 7
Dice 8
Dice 9
Dice 10