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Roll up and try your lotto luck...

WORKING IT OUT: Frederick Stehr, left, and David Byers, of 'Net Lifestyles' put their dice theory to the test

Online duo aims to cut odds
Sick of being a Lottery loser? Then a Darlington duo could help change your fortunes.

Frederick Stehr and David Byers have launched odds advice scheme Lucky Lotto Dice on the Net, having launched their own company Net Lifestyles. It offers numbers to website visitors which, Mr. Stehr claims, will considerably lower the odds of winning most weeks. The system has already proven itself with three and four correct numbers coming up on a weekly basis.

Would-be winners
"The way this system has been laid out, it is bound to produce a jackpot winner soon," said Mr Stehr, who began studying mathematics 30 years ago.

The website went online in March and has since attracted would-be winners from as far as America, Australia and New Zealand. Mr Byers estimates it is receiving around 10,000 hits a month.

"The system uses the dice principle to group numbers together into blocks," he said.

"The Lottery is entirely random but if you study the numbers, you find they tend to be spread over the range of 49."

But he explained, you're much more likely to find one, five, ten and 15 coming up on the Lottery than one, two, three and four.

"Once the system has arranged the numbers into six blocks, it picks one from each for members to use."

Anyone visiting the site is offered a trial at a reduced rate to test its effectiveness - and their luck.

August 1999. Reproduced by kind permission of the Evening Gazette.

Some other success stories...
The winning system, although it is not yet a year old, members are already winning thousands of pounds using the Lucky Lotto Dice system web site and its related pages. Tony, manager of the local VG shop in Cleveland Terrace, Darlington won over £2000 using the Lucky Duck version of the system.

A restaurateur in northern England won over £2500 recently.

Many members are reporting £10 wins on a regular basis. One lady stuck to her own chosen set of numbers for 6 months with no luck. Within a couple of months using Lucky Lotto Dice to pick numbers for each draw, she had won £10 five times.