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Fantastic Guarantee!
A 163 ticket wheel guarantees a 3 match (1-49)
Lucky Numbers 4 U
The Quest for Randomness Patterns
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Do you need help picking your Lotto numbers each week? If the answer is Yes, then Lucky Lotto is here to help you! LuckyLottoDice is a lucky random number selector for lotteries 6 from 49 it uses a set of dice designed to give you a balanced run of numbers. Taking into account, high and low numbers and odd and even numbers.


Step 1: Choose one of the wheeling plans below.
Step 2: Play the your chosen numbers on the National Lottery.

Learn more about Lucky 6 >

Start by throwing the Lucky 6 Dice. This number generator gives you more than just a set of 6 random numbers. By throwing 6 of the 10 special dice the numbers are spread over the range of 49 drawn numbers so increasing the likelihood of a winning match. Give the Lucky 6 Dice a few goes and see just how close you come to matching winning draws.

Learn more about Plan 10 >

Plan 10 from Lucky Lotto Dice is a way to increase your chances of multiple winning tickets on any standard 6 from 49 lottery draw. Using the uniquely numbered dice and based on advanced complex mathematical number patterns it will increase the likelyhood of you winning multiple prizes if you match at least 3 numbers on a particular draw.

Learn more about Plan 16 >

At any time you can move on to the more sophisticated and accurate Plan 16 system. This uses uniquely designed dice to give 16 numbers which are then matched to the Plan 16 number combinations. which give you up to 40 sets of potentially winning numbers.

If you are serious about winning the lottery,


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