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How To Win The Lotto

Along with football and the latest celebrity break-up and Big Brother, another staple pub conversation topic is "What would you do if you won the Lottery?". For many people, including me, winning the Lottery has become a career goal, the same as getting a degree or a promotion. So, you might quite fairly ask, how can I maximise my possibilites of winning in what is essentially a game of chance?

Well, first of all, you have to be "in it to win it". This is as simple as going down to a participating outlet, usually signified by the crossed finger sign outside, and selecting your numbers. It costs a pound for a line of numbers, and that is it.

But perhaps you are looking for something a little more advanced. Well, you could start by having a mix of even and odd numbers, at a ratio of 3:3 or 4:2. Results that are all odd or all even come out in less than 1% of cases. A similar idea is to split the number field in half, and make sure there is the same type of split between high and low numbers chosen.

Another option along these lines is to do your sums. 70% of lottery winning numbers added together fall somewhere between the 115 and 185 range, so this too can help your chances.

Wheeling Plans

Other techniques include so-called lottery wheeling systems and special lottery software. A wheeling system is a number system that attempts to cover as many outcomes as possible, and if you have the initial funds you can almost guarantee some sort of return on your outlay. The disadvantages are mainly down to money, as the amount you put up-front dictates how many combinations of numbers you can cover, subsequently increasing or decreasing your chances.

You can also easily find online software that does the same kind of thing, nominating number combinations and the like to dictate what your winning Lotto numbers will be. Our Lucky Lotto Dice "Monte Carlo version" will pick particular patterns of numbers to help you win the Lotto.

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Lady Luck

However, when doing this one must always respect and be aware of the role pure luck plays. At it's most basic, the lottery is a game of chance, of a random sequence of numbers matching your own. However far you manage to corner the odds and increase your personal chances, you must be aware that sometimes for completely inexplicable reasons you will find yourself empty-handed. After all, if the lottery was so easy to win using a system there would be no lottery companies and I wouldn't be writing this nor would you be reading it. Both of us, no doubt, would be far too busy running around our mansion or sailing our yachts!

So, research further the advice given above and go out there and win, but always be aware of that most capricious woman, Lady Luck, and the essential role she plays.


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